Hydraulic flip plow


The Agricultural tillage machinery are Rotary Tiller、Reversible Plow、Disc Harrow、DiscPlow、Hole Digger、Subsoiler etc.

Keywords: Mounted Bottow Plow | Land Preparation Cultivator


code name Plough column Single plough ploughing wide Work wide Plough deep Match power Form factor weight
RPF2-330 2 330mm 670mm 260-350mm 80-100HP 1500x1450x1550mm 680kg
RPF3-330 3 330mm 1000mm 260-350mm 90-120HP 2150x1450x1550mm


RPF4-330 4 330mm 1350mm 260-350mm 120-150HP 2850x1450x1550mm 1032kg

This flip plow has a high-strength groundbreaking effect of high boron steel forgings plowshares.

The three-plough and four-plough plough can be connected to a single plough assembly on the basis of the two-plough plow, which is convenient for users to choose different horsepower and different farming requirements.

The hydraulic self-locking function after flipping makes the plough stable and reliable when working.


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