Hydraulic flip plow (BX type)


The Agricultural tillage machinery are Rotary Tiller、Reversible Plow、Disc Harrow、DiscPlow、Hole Digger、Subsoiler etc.

Keywords: Mounted Bottow Plow | Land Preparation Cultivator


Model ILF-BX450 ILF-BX550
Number of ploughs 4 5(4+1)
Single plough model BX500 BX550
Single plough working width 30-50cm 30-50cm
Height between plough tips 180cm 180cm
Plow body spacing 100cm 100cm
Adjustment range of the whole plough tillage 120-200cm 150-250cm
weight 1510kg 1745kg
Supporting power (horsepower) 150-200HP 180-230HP


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