China's Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Leaps from a Big Country to a Strong Country



Agricultural machinery and equipment is an indispensable tool to improve agricultural production efficiency, realize effective utilization of resources, and promote sustainable agricultural development, which plays a very important role in ensuring national food security, promoting agricultural production and efficiency, changing farmers' income increase and promoting rural development.
As an industry closely related to agriculture in the equipment manufacturing industry, the state provides a policy system for the agricultural machinery industry to continue to strengthen, and implements stable fiscal and tax support, all of which makes the comprehensive strength of China's agricultural machinery industry can be rapidly improved, the total production value, sales revenue, total profit, import and export trade volume of the agricultural machinery industry has increased by more than 20% for many consecutive years, and the total economic volume has ranked first in the world. The output of tractors, combine harvesters, plant protection machinery, agricultural water pumps and other products ranks first in the world.
At present, China is in an important stage of accelerated development of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and the domestic demand for agricultural machinery products is still in a period of rapid growth. The acceleration of agricultural modernization and agricultural industrialization has provided a broad space for the development of the agricultural machinery industry. However, China's agricultural machinery and equipment field still has a lot of room for improvement compared with developed industrial countries. China's agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry should take the "Made in China 2025" and "One Belt, One Road" strategies implemented by the state as an opportunity to cultivate core competitiveness, achieve breakthroughs through innovation, achieve strategic adjustment to adapt to the new normal of the economy through industrial structure optimization, inject new energy into the industry, and realize the leap from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power.
Development trend of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry
As an important means to improve agricultural production efficiency, agricultural machinery and equipment has gone through the mechanization stage from replacing human and animal power to realizing automation applications based on electronic control technology, and developing towards intelligent and advanced manufacturing with information technology as the core. The distinctive feature is that mechanical equipment is used as the carrier, integrating electronics, information, biology, environment, materials, modern manufacturing and other technologies, constantly enhancing the adaptability of equipment technology, expanding precision operation functions, ensuring the reliability of seasonal strong labor operations, improving the efficiency of complex structure manufacturing, improving the coordination of soil-animal and plant-machine-man and ecological environment, focusing on the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly agriculture, realizing comprehensive recycling of resources and construction and protection of agricultural ecological environment, developing new and efficient agricultural machinery and equipment, and realizing "safety and multi-ability." , automatic and efficient, accurate and intelligent", supporting the sustainability of agricultural development.
Development goals and paths
The development path of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is: to improve independent research and development capabilities by building a scientific and technological innovation platform; Through industrial structure adjustment, strive to achieve a rational industrial structure; Through the implementation of green manufacturing, energy conservation and emission reduction, the extensive adoption of modern manufacturing technology to promote industrial upgrading; By breaking through high-end product technology, the product structure is significantly improved.
Its development goal is: by 2020, build and form core functional components and complete machine test development and collaborative supporting capabilities, and the market share of domestic agricultural machinery products is 90%; High-end products such as large tractors and cotton pickers with more than 200 horsepower have a market share of 30%. By 2025, the whole process of bulk grain and strategic cash crop production machinery will be complete, and the market share of domestic agricultural machinery products will be stable and higher than 95%; High-end products such as large tractors and cotton pickers with more than 200 horsepower have a market share of 60%.
Key tasks for development
The agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry should promote intelligent transformation and strengthen the industrial foundation through the implementation of innovation-driven. Develop agricultural machinery and equipment for grain, meat, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetable production and key production links of cotton, oil, sugar, rubber and other crops, and integrate whole-process mechanization solutions and complete sets of equipment. Develop and master technology-intensive high-end agricultural machinery products and their manufacturing technology. The key points include stepless variable speed large tractors, precision variable compound work tools, high-efficiency combined harvesting machinery, precision and low pollution large-scale self-propelled pesticide application machinery, seed breeding and fine sorting processing equipment, and healthy breeding intelligent equipment. Breakthrough in the efficiency improvement and reliability technology of key components represented by heavy-duty diesel engines, stepless transmission, electronic control technology, hydraulic drives and animal and plant object recognition and monitoring systems. Promote the combination of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, etc. with modern agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, promote the whole process solution based on multi-faceted support such as operation, service and information of agricultural production, and create a new generation of agricultural machinery equipment with information acquisition, intelligent decision-making and precise operation capabilities. Strengthen the construction of industry technical standard systems, industry information data service systems, industry test and testing capabilities, and product digital design platforms. Promote the application of digital, intelligent, cleaner production, virtual manufacturing, network manufacturing, parallel manufacturing, modularization, and rapid resource reorganization technologies.
Take innovation as the basis to enhance the competitiveness of the industry at home and abroad
Through original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion, absorption and re-innovation, focusing on the technological breakthroughs of the iconic high-end major equipment and key core components of high efficiency, intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection, narrow the gap with the international advanced level, fill the domestic gap and replace imports at the same time, take the leading backbone enterprises as the carrier, build a business management and operation platform based on future international development, actively "go global", cut into the global agricultural equipment market, take the road of international development, and improve the technical level and quality of products. Build a global marketing service network system, promote the export of high value-added products, gradually form brand advantages, and comprehensively improve the industry level.
Innovative development models provide support for ensuring national food security
As one of the ten key areas of "Made in China 2025", the agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry takes the implementation of "Made in China 2025" as an opportunity to promote the deep integration of digitalization and intelligent technology and agricultural equipment by aiming at the high safety, high reliability and high adaptability technical problems of high-end agricultural equipment, so as to achieve automation, intelligence and specialization of agricultural production as the goal, and develop environmentally friendly agricultural machinery products with advanced application, low emission, low pollution, high energy efficiency and high efficiency as the carrier. Improve the information collection, intelligent decision-making and precision operation capabilities of agricultural machinery products, improve the level of modern agricultural production, and at the same time strive to promote the whole process of multi-faceted support based on agricultural production operations, services, information, etc., promote the upgrading of agricultural equipment industry, and move towards the power of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing.