Jiangsu Yangzhou holds a conference on agricultural mechanization work and a special rectification and promotion meeting on agricultural machinery safety production



In order to thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of the central and provincial and municipal rural work conferences, implement the implementation opinions of the provincial government on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of Mechanised agriculture, and earnestly do a good job in the city's agricultural mechanization work in 2020, on April 26, Yangzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held the city's agricultural mechanization work conference and the special rectification and promotion conference for agricultural machinery safety production. The main leaders, responsible leaders, and heads of relevant departments (stations) of the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, as well as the heads of agricultural and rural departments and relevant departments (stations) of each county (city, district), attended the meeting.
At the meeting, various counties (cities, districts) reported and exchanged information on the arrangement of agricultural mechanization work, the promotion of new equipment and technologies, and the implementation of special safety rectification work in 2020. The Municipal Bureau has summarized the highlights and shortcomings of agricultural mechanization work in 2019, deployed key tasks for agricultural mechanization in 2020, interpreted the key points of equipment technology promotion, implementation of agricultural machinery benefiting farmers policies, and special rectification of agricultural machinery safety. It has carried out anti-corruption education for agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, and further clarified work requirements and discipline.
Comrade Ma Shunsheng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Municipal Bureau, pointed out in his speech that we should fully recognize the achievements of Mechanised agriculture in our city, fully understand the importance of agricultural mechanization in modern agriculture, recognize the new situation and new tasks faced by the current development of agricultural mechanization, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, standardize the implementation of policies that benefit farmers, strengthen discipline constraints, improve risk prevention and control mechanisms, improve the level of safety supervision of agricultural machinery, take the initiative, and act actively, We will explore and innovate, promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy with high quality, and establish a national demonstration city for the full mechanization of grain production with high standards. This will make new contributions to improving the level of food security, promoting rural revitalization, and leading the province in high-quality development of agriculture and rural construction.

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