Agricultural Machinery Helps Harvest Harvest Dreams Broadcast



Rooted in rural areas for 39 years, obsessed with agriculture; Based on agriculture, rural areas, and farmers for 39 years, with lofty aspirations. For 39 years, he has been committed to the introduction, testing, demonstration, training, and promotion of new machinery and technologies. With perseverance and dedication, he has written a regretless life for farmers in the new era. He has made a strong and colorful mark in the process of accelerating the transformation of agricultural machinery development mode and the pace of modern agricultural construction throughout the country. He is Wang Haitao, the "Top Ten News Figures Who Moved Shangqiu" in 2014, the first top ten farmers in Shangqiu in 2018, the exemplary individual of grain production in the province in 2022, and the chairman of Haitao Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative in Bailou Township, Sui County.