On October 28, Qi Congfeng, the head of Jianhu County, came to our company for investigation



On October 28th, County Magistrate Qi Congfeng led relevant department leaders to visit and investigate our company, to gain an on-site understanding of enterprise operations, market sales, future planning, and other related situations. He encourages enterprises to strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities, further expand the market, enhance competitiveness, and promote healthy and rapid development of enterprises.
Jingan Agricultural Company is a national high-tech enterprise that has participated in the formulation of 10 national industry standards. Currently, the enterprise has many advantages in technology, research and development, and production. Qi Congfeng encourages enterprises to continue deepening cooperation with higher education institutions and research institutions, accelerating the research and development of high-end agricultural intelligent equipment, and further improving market sales share and core competitiveness of enterprises.